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After you've tried it once, you will never want be without this luxury mini wand vibrator! Because of its compact size you can take it with you wherever you go. The vibrator is provided with a special storage pouch so it does not get damaged and remains free of dust. Use the supplied USB cable for easy charging of the vibrator. The only thing you need is an electronic device with a USB port and you can charge your toy whenever you want. It has no less than 18 different vibration patterns that can be set using the buttons on the handle. This allows you to easily choose your favourite settings and completely make the vibrator your own.

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Meet MyMagicWand, a very powerful vibrator with an elegant design. This luxury vibrator is provided with an extra powerful motor with 6 vibration settings. These are easy to adjust using the push button in the middle of the handle. The MyMagicWand has a round handle for a good grip during use. This also allows you to operate the vibrator with just one hand. The vibrator has an UK plug with an extra-long cord, so you can use it anywhere you like. You also never have to worry about empty batteries or a remote that doesn't work properly. Simply plug in MyMagicWand and it is immediately ready for use. You can enjoy your vibrator as long as you want without time limitiations, since it doesn't have to be recharged after a while. At the head of the vibrator, there is a soft silicone sleeve with padding, so it feels comfortable on your skin. Use a waterbased massage gel or lubricant and MyMagicWand will effortlessly glide over your body. In order to relax your muscles, you can also use a warming lubricant. Cleaning MyMagicWand is a simple and quick task. Simply remove the sleeve from the vibrator and clean it with water and some toy cleaner. This way, your favourite toy will be ready for your next use in no time.