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Product Number: AF496 Force your sub to his or her knees with the Kennel bondage cage. This large cage is made of strong metal and has a soft padded board on the bottom. The bars at the front are covered with soft silicone. You can place the head of your sub between these bars. The bars are adjustable so you can create your own bondage game. The Kennel bondage cage is perfect for Puppy Play lovers. Lock your sub in the cage and he or she will never be disobedient again! You can also add accessories to this Kennel, such as cuffs, ropes or chains.


Product Number: ad539 This incredible bondage device is made of sturdy leather straps, designed to enfold, enclose, and ensnare your subject. The solid platform base allows your partner to stand inside. As they step on the leather wrapped wooden platform, the weight pulls the crisscrossed leather straps downward, trapping your subject inside. The mechanism is similar to how a Chinese finger trap works. Once inside, your partner is caught and at your mercy. The leather straps will twist around your lover, cradling their body as they spiral upwards, coming together at the top where the straps attach to a sturdy leather-wrapped metal ring.