Rebel Pheromones Massage Candles Man/Woman – 4 x 50 ml


Product Number: EOL-CM-22PK
Treat your male partner to a lovely warm massage and then let him seduce you! The Rebel massage candle contains male pheromones that are very attractive to women. After the massage, the male partner will have a very attractive smell for the female partner. The candle is easy to use. Light the candle and enjoy the exciting scent that spreads through the room. After the candle wax is melted, you can put it in your hands and spread it gently on your partner’s body. You can then treat him to a relaxing massage. The pheromones in the candle are released during the melting process and will certainly put you in the right mood!
Rebel fragrance: sweet soap fragrance with exotic aromas.
Tip: The oil has a moisturizing and nourishing effect and can also be used as a (daily) skin cream.

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