What does Self-play mean?

Some BDSM Ways to Play Alone Home alone and no one to play with? Get ready to push your limits with Solo BDSM What’s a kinky single to do? Flipping through profiles at your favorite BDSM dating site, or settling in for another night of endless internet clips isn’t always enough to satisfy your kinky cravings. […]

What does Sadomasochistic play means?

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What Is S&M? Sadists and masochists derive sexual pleasure from pain, either physical or emotional. The sadist enjoys giving pain, while the masochist enjoys receiving it. Typically sadists are the tops (or Dominants in D/s), and masochists are bottoms (or submissives). Contrary to popular belief, not all sadomasochism play ends in sex ­ even though […]

What Does Role Play mean?

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Role play is the act of changing one’s behavior, and possible clothing, to assume the role of a different person. Role playing during sex is used to fulfill fantasies. Role playing is a wonderful way for couples to explore different fantasies or fetishes. It provides a way to explore something taboo. For example, a consenting […]

What does Pet Play means?

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Pet play is a special type of role play where one or more participants take on the role of an animal. Animal play is commonly seen in BDSM contexts. Typically the submissive “animal” partner is humiliated or dominated by their dominant master, but sometimes the “animal” will take on the more dominant role.Like other role […]

What does Humiliation play means?

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Erotic Humiliation Play involves humiliating a person during a sexual act. This type of humiliation can be either verbal or physical. It may involve activities such as insulting a partner, making a partner display their private parts to a group of people, or even urinating or defecating on a partner. Erotic humiliation is especially popular […]

What Does Bondage Play Means?


Bondage Play is a form of sex play in which one person restrains another for sexual pleasure. There are also people who practice self bondage during masturbation.People enjoy bondage for many different reasons. They may do it because they want to please their partner, they like the feeling of being out of control of their […]

What does Wax Play mean?

Wax Play

Wax play is a form of sensual interaction in which a person drips warm or hot wax onto their partner’s naked body. The feeling of the wax hitting one’s body causes a rush of adrenalin which increases arousal.Although wax play is often combined with BDSM practices, it is also enjoyed by people with a wide […]

What does Medical Play mean?

Medical play

Medical play is a type of role-playing scenario where sexual partners take on the roles of medical professionals and, in most cases, their patients. Typically medical play involves a dominant partner, who plays the role of a medical professional treating their submissive patient. Medical play may be an aspect of medical fetishism or simply a […]

What does Sensation Play mean ?

Sensation Play

Sensation play describes a wide variety of activities, both vanilla and kinky, that use the body’s senses as a way to arouse and provide stimulation to a partner.Although sensation play is often related to skin sensations, it doesn’t have to be so limited. Sight, taste, and hearing can also be included in sensation play.Sensation play […]