Hello there  everyone,

Let me introduce myself, my name is Norcheto – kinkster from 15 years. Some of you will say wait …. how is it possible….?! Easy, I discover the BDSM life in a very early age, thanks to two people Elena and Kiril. I am very happy that both of them open my eyes to discover what and who I am deep in myself, to see that if one person wants to find his happiness the last thing that he has to do is to fall in the “cage” of the uneducated society. For many centuries people reject the things that they can’t understand, this is in our nature. The best example for this is the BDSM. The good thing is in now days more and more people become more educated of what exactly is the meaning of this abbreviator. That is why I start this project Norcheto Play World first because I wanted to have a place that I can find everything that I need for my plays in one place second to make it as memorial of Elena because unfortunately she pass away before several years and I want to give to everyone what she gave to me.


Who are we?

Norcheto Play World is a platform that includes every type of item that we need to made our BDSM plays full. Everything in the site is separated in a specific group (play) to be as much easier to find exactly what you need for your passion if you know yourself or to be the easiest way to educate yourself what you need as a beginner in certain play.

Why we are different?

As we said we want to improve the knowledge and to help people to discover themselves. We want to have a close distance with our clients. The reason that we have several forms for feedback from you, online chat, contact form, Blog and Wishlist is because we want to know your opinion and to find a way to satisfied all of your needs. So that mean you are not our clients you are our friends. Our goal is to have a friendship connection with all of you, because who know what we need more than our friends. So be free all the time to share with us everything, your experience, your knowledge, your wishes and your needs. As much satisfied you are as much satisfied, we are.

Our Moto

Everything a person is capable of, is a matter of perception…. there is no such a thing as a unnormal, inadequate, perverted or all other subjective definitions that people love to give. Unnecessary, pointless and stupid is to run away from our nature…. so please open your souls, bodies and the most important your consciousness to be able to unleash your full potential and to find your real inside happiness and peace! If you don’t seek for it you will never find it!